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16 years ago, Multiplica was created by a handful of like-minded friends who wanted to see beyond the status quo when it came to digital experiences and were hungry to explore new and better ways of connecting with users. And you know what? It worked. Today, we have a lively and fast-growing presence with 10 offices around the world, including our U.S. hubs in San Francisco, Boulder, and Miami, and 120+ team members working daily with hundreds of clients.

But, facts and figures never tell the whole story, do they? What’s most important is that we love what we do and take pride in doing it — and that “it” means helping your business grow and succeed. To do this, we’ve enlisted a dynamic team of global talent who work every day to strengthen your online marketing strategies and help grow your digital ecosystem and overall business through creativity, hard work, and, yes, fun!

From our main offices in San Francisco and Miami, these Digital Artisans, as we lovingly call them, are constantly creating new, exciting approaches to digital engagement that maximize online revenue for leading brands and companies. They’d love to hear from you!

Our People

“Work is love made visible.”
⁃Kahlil Gibran

Aditi Bhatia UX Designer & Architect
Rebecca Moo Senior Optimization Strategist
Danielle Schwolow Growth Strategist
Thomas Schwolow Optimization Developer
Laura Gratto Accounts & Project Manager
Ivan Contreras Senior Analytics Manager
Florencia Carrizo Senior Project Manager
Jorge Lira Digital Marketing Assistant
Anne Marie Dono Partner and CEO
John Potter Senior Manager Analytics
Melanie Bernal Strategic Project Manager
Kristin Ravesloot Head of Optimization
David Otero VP of Technology
Erika Nalbandian Senior Marketing Results Manager
Johana Castro Ad Operations Manager
Nicolas Visiers Würth Board Member / Partner
Beatriz Romero Head of Finance and Operations
Nicole Pryor Ad Operations Manager
Tracy Parks Senior Optimization Specialist
Xavier Nadal UX Architect & Designer
Briana Casali Sr. Copywriter and Content Director
Alex Purkis Senior Account and Project Manager
M. Sanz Head of Design
Ian Wrigglesworth Senior Designer
Jaime Gonzalez Senior Designer
Cecilia Martinez Designer


180 Sansome St.

San Francisco, California.

(+1) 877.698.99.77

Anne Marie

3250 NE 1st Ave, S. 305

Miami, Florida.

(+1) 877.698.99.77


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San Francisco

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180 Sansome St.

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Boca Raton

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