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Unify digital brand across Latin American and Caribbean online sites

We unified Burger King’s digital branding across 30 sites throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our partnership with Burger King began in 2012 when we helped them unify their brand across Latin America for the first time in their company’s history.

From the start, it was personal for us. We knew that to get the best results for our client, we had to have a deep understanding of their world, the franchise world, and we started by meeting with multiple franchisees from across the region. As part of our user-centered design methodology, we also spoke directly with web users to understand their priorities when visiting a restaurant’s site. After extensive research and planning, we designed Burger King’s new desktop and mobile digital strategy.

We then developed the back-end platform and content management system (CMS) needed to manage 29 websites across Latin America and the Caribbean. The complexity of the migration to the new platform was intense – 1200 restaurants, over 60 stakeholders, and 100 local promotions – but worth it! Here’s what we did…

Centralized digital presence: Via a regional CMS we helped Burger King achieve a consistent brand message and look while giving them maximum flexibility at the local level to update promotions, menu items, social media links, and even complex pricing schemes for special events.

A focus on conversion: Through simplified navigation we developed a natural flow throughout the entire site, allowing users to quickly find directions to their restaurant or place a delivery order.

Content targeting and personalization: Site visitors see promotions tailored to them based on the time of day – e.g. an egg sandwich in the morning, a burger for lunch, or a sundae for an afternoon snack – or their location, allowing them to see their nearest restaurant.

100% mobile-friendly digital presence: We leveraged responsive website design (before many in the region were using it) to provide a seamless experience across mobile and desktop.

Easy-to-use web analytics dashboard: This enabled each country and corporate headquarters to easily see user behavior on their sites and to understand the impact that large campaigns have on these users. All the main KPIs were visible at a glance.

Multi-platform digital marketing campaigns: We launched their first region-wide cross-channel or 360-degree marketing campaigns. For the first time, their users saw the same promotions across Facebook, the website, mobile site, and in-store. We unified their Facebook pages under a regional page and managed social media content.

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